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              Hello, welcome to visit our official website, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

              National hotline

              +86 20-34554789

              Home  > About us  > Service & Support

              Service & Support

              Phone Support:

              Our operators are on hand to assist you with all your enquiry from truck body quotes to booking your truck in for maintenance and everywhere in between. Simply call our office and our dedicated staff will be happy to help.


              All the Snowfall range is China designed and built right here in our own manufacturing facilities. We employ the best technicians available to ensure that Snowfall stays at the top of the industry when it comes to quality and reliability.


              Our 3D Cad designers work hand in hand with our customers using the latest technology to design a truck body that works for you and your business. All of our designs go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet all regulatory requirements and will perform day in, day out.

              Tel: 020-34554789 / 020-61995202

              Fax: 020-34554018

              Mobile: 13630179781

              E-mail: 123@snowfall.cn

              MSN: HCH370339415@hotmail.com

              Skype: SNOWFALL_IVY

              +86 20-34554789
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