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              Hello, welcome to visit our official website, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

              National hotline

              +86 20-34554789

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              Refrigerated truck body

              contact number:+86 20-34554789

              product details

              Snowfall custom bodies are designed and built to suit the specific needs of customers and their business requirements. Whatever your request, our design team can custom make and hand build you your perfect business solution.


              (1) Selection of Materials:

              A. XPS sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel.

              Advantages of Materials:

              XPS sandwich panel: light in weight, heat insulation, long life, high strength, low water-absorptivity, no pollution. 

              PU sandwich panel: light in weight, heat insulation, long life, no pollution.

              B. Production Process of Panels: Panels are formed at Automatic nc machine.

              (2) Construction of Box:

              A. Assembly: stability and consistency

              Panel assembly introduces international patented technology. Each position is a complete piece of panel. With high strength aluminium extrusions, panels are prefabricated into kits such as front panel, roof panel, floor, 2 side panels, and door. The whole body is assembled together by the different panels kits.

              B. Advantages of Construction:

              Easier and faster installation, better sealing and higher structural strength.  

              Standard Size (T)

                                          Snowfall Freezer Box

              L (mm)




              W (mm)




              H (mm)





              Panel Type

              FRP + XPS + FRP

              Panel Thickness


              *Customize size available 2m ~ 9m (Please specify the details)

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              Product recommendation

              +86 20-34554789
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