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              Hello, welcome to visit our official website, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

              National hotline

              +86 20-34554789

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              Dry Truck Body

              contact number:+86 20-34554789

              product details

              The maximum dimension of panel is 9.5 meters long, 3 meters wide, Snowfall bodies are strong and durable dry freight body.Dry truck body panel is made of Glass reinforced fiber plastic + PP honeycomb cell core + glass reinforced fiber plastic, aesthetically superior as it is tough.

              (1) Selection Of Materials:

              A PP honeycomb-cored panel, Plywood sandwich panel

              Advantages of Materials:

              PP honeycomb-cored panel: light in weight, high strength, no pollution.

              Plywood sandwich panel: no pollution.

              B. Production Process of Panels: Panels are formed at Automatic nc machine

              (2) Construction of Box

              A. Assembly: stability and consistency

              Panel assembly introduces international patented technology. Each position is a complete piece of panel. With high strength aluminium extrusions, panels are prefabricated into kits such as front panel, roof panel, floor, 2 side panels and door. The whole body is assembled together by the different panels kits.

              B. Advantages of Construction:

              Easier and faster installation, better sealing and higher structural strength.

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              Product recommendation

              +86 20-34554789
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