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              Hello, welcome to visit our official website, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

              National hotline

              +86 20-34554789

              About us

              Company Profile:

              With over 20 years experience, Guangzhou Snowfall Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd is devoted to producing refrigeration unit , refrigerator box,Dry box and composite panel. We are capable of producing highly functional products of superior quality and custom design equipment for specialize applications whatever your requirements in terms of size, comfort, power, capacity, reliability and warranty, we will make sure that you find the prefect vehicle for the job at competitive pricing. 


              Technical Advantages:

              -The adoption of R404a condenser with the latest design (exclusively for refrigeration unit) makes the durability rank the highest level.

              -The use of world patented O sealing technology can effectively prevent refrigerant from leaking, guarantee the normal working of refrigeration unit, lower the cost of maintenance, and protect environment.

              -Aluminium alloy fans, larger air volume, faster cooling capacity. Stretch carbon brush, longer life span.

              -Meet the Europe standard


              Snowfall Refrigeration Unit Secret of High Quality : 

              Secret 1: Careful Selection-- Each lot of raw materials is used after careful selection in the independent laboratory.

              Secret 2: Our technical equipment rank among the global leaders.

              Secret 3: We have an innovative and unique technical team, and many leading techniques in this industry.


              After sales: 

              With professional consultation and engineering team, Snowfall offers each client the most appropriate transport cooling solution. 1. Customized service-- Our products service solutions are case-by-case basis, which means your marketing plan, business goals, and concerns for cooling products etc. are all in concern for us. What we do is enlarge your on-sale product line, offer you desirable price-performance ratio, and finally achieve win-win option for partners, clients, and us. 2. Pre-sales service-- Pre-sales service will proceed orderly. First is product recommendation based on similar case, and then first-time on-site product employment, product trial, and evaluation will be implemented to ensure your selected cooling solution is most suitable for you. 3. After-sales service-- Once you suffer any possible problems, our engineering team and after-sales staff will reach you on time. And all will make the most satisfying solution for you, so take easy and make a call, the rest is enjoy efficient and considerate after-sales service.

              Cooperation with Snowfall:

              +86 20-34554789
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